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15 municipalities

 7,549 hectares of vineyards, balanced by 11,500 hectares of trees and woods

a centuries-old tradition

The Conegliano Valdobbiadene area is located in a particularly favorable position for viticulture: between the sea and the Pre-Alps, with a temperate climate, good alternation between rain and sun and constant ventilation, which allows the vines and grapes to dry quickly after the rains.

The strings of hills extend from east to west, thus presenting a slope facing south, where the vineyards enjoy excellent exposure to the sun's rays, and a slope to the north, generally occupied by the wooded part.

The altitude is not high, in fact we reach 500 meters above sea level, but this is sufficient to obtain a significant temperature range, which gives the grapes extraordinary aromas and scents.
For more than three centuries now, Glera, an autochthonous vine of the area, has found a happy home among the steep slopes.


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