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Third generation of winemakers, Prosecco is a family tradition for us. We have been weaving a story of passion, love for the land and hard work around the vine, taking care of hillside vineyards.
It all began way back in 1920 when our great-grandfather Attilio planted the first vines on a small plot of land.
He was able to instill the passion for this land in his son Primo, who over the years passed it on to his children and grandchildren.
Together with our vines we have grown, building not only our profession, but also the knowledge and respect for these hills.


The Present

Today our vineyards extend from the Cartizze microzone to other hills within the Valdobbiadene DOCG area.
A genuine land, which transmits its essence to intense and fragrant wines and spumanti.
We cultivate our products trying to enhance as much as possible what this wonderful area gives us, aiming for excellence, aware of our roots and respecting tradition.
This is the identity of the Teruz family of Valdobbiadene.

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